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Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 20:52:56 UTC 2021

Stene, Paul and others,

Happy Greetings !

It’s nice to know that Google has an API and that they charge.. which indicates to me they there handle larger documents fully.

I am willing to pay for help on this to one of you developers who gets APIs, JSON, post commands, Omnis doing these things and getting back results

Because when I hear words like JSON and API my mind goes blank.. I have no experience yet with such things. 

The features you mentioned in Omnis Paul, are all foreign to me. The following is foreign to me:

It's done as a simple http post command.  Omnis can do these pretty easily - see https://cloud.google.com/translate/docs/basic/quickstart <https://cloud.google.com/translate/docs/basic/quickstart> <https://cloud.google.com/translate/docs/basic/quickstart <https://cloud.google.com/translate/docs/basic/quickstart>> for the details.  You could create a row with these columns: q,source,target,format, use the JSON object to convert to JSON format and include this in the post command.

If you're feeling game you could use the jsWorker objects in Studio 10 and above to create a node module to do the heavy lifting.  They have sample code for that so you could create the jsWorker, some node.js code and then your Omnis interface could be as simple as "Do myTranslateObject.$translate(text) returns translatedResult”.  

Let me explain one thing then ask one thing:

I have around 7000 paragraphs of text, it is about the size of a book, it is 2 MB as text. That’s my only file I want to translate now.  I want to translate it into a number of languages one time, save the results, and incorporate them into my application.

So it’s a one time thing.. not an on going need.. 

For example Stene.. are you set up with Deepl ? Could you translate this doc for me for some pay?

Re. Google verse Deepl.. I thought I heard that Google was real good on things like Context.. it allows for sentence level context I believe. It has public editing which empowers it more and more. But I don’t know Deepl. I will check it out next. 

Could I pay someone to do this one time for me? Someone who understands what Paul is talking about in the above 2 paragraphs? I have only questions when I read that.. I haven’t touched any of that type of thing in my life. 

My first question.. if I am to do this myself.. my first question is “Is it worth it to do the API thing with Google given it is a one time thing for me?”

Or, “is doing what Paul says there “easy”? If I put my nose into it will I get it? Is it worth getting into this for a beginner to do one book ten times.. ten languages say.. or should I look into Deepl instead.. if ONLY Google had a website where you can pay and do large documents, that would be nice.

And Kelly, if you’re reading.. I saw that Doc you sent a link for before you sent that.. it pops up on any search you do about this subject.. and it refers you to Google’s Translate website and the document mode.. and in my original post I say that THAT Document Mode is a LIE.. they say it has a 1 MB limit but in fact it only does the first section of a 1 MB file.. I fed it 750K file and it only did the first 5% of it. No reason given.. can’t find a thing on the web about it as a topic.. 

They do great, fast, work.. my partner and I are involved with multiple languages in our businesses and we’re real pleased with Google Translate. Using it in “text mode” where you can do 5000 words.. that works for most letters just fine. The results are real reliably good always.  

I know you can issue URL’s out of Omnis.. is that what a POST command is.. it’s just a string like an URL that Omnis can send to the internet.. I use that in my app I pop up Google’s search results for a text string by issuing that as a web command.. I forget what command in Omnis does it.. not looking at code right now.. but yeah I got that wired.. so I am familiar with issuing URL’s or posts.. from Omnis.. but I have no clue how you capture what they do as result.. but I will look at the google basics>Quickstart article you linked to me Paul.. next.. will look at that.. though that won’t help me in Omnis.. 

I’m resistant to thinking that another language company is as good as Google or Better. I am very resistant to that. I may have a complex that “the big guy is better”.. I may believe that too much perhaps. But I believe Google did whatever they could to make their’s the best.. I just believe that in general because that is how they approach things. I have a hard time believing that another company could put the resources into so many languages translated properly.. that’s a lot of manpower. 

Thanks for your attention to this matter,

Das Goravani

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