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Tue Jun 22 16:09:38 UTC 2021

Hey Mark,

I have been struggling with this question and for the short term am simply
going to send via the users current smtp email.  We may address a more
robust texting solution later however using what my user has keeps it
simple. I don't need to sign up or pay for anything additional and we
already have an email solution.  The user will need to request permission to
send texts and to do that we will request the client of our user send a text
to the users email address.  Now our user can add the return address to
their contact info and with a bit of programming we will handle texting via
our email interface.  Happy to discuss further off list or on. Have a

Best Regards,
Jim Edison CPCU

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with success, not bad pricing...

used SMTP send, to send an email, they convert to a text to the end user.

Phil Potter
Based in Chester in the UK.

On 22/06/2021 12:01, Mark Grinde wrote:
> Hello $all-
> Just curious if anyone has a method and/or service recommendation for
sending SMS messages with Omnis?
> TIA-
> Mark
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