App Server Upgrade No Go Seeking Ideas?

Das Goravani goravanis at
Thu Jun 17 16:10:58 UTC 2021

Dear Omnis-ites,

Upgraded my App Server from 10.1 to 10.2 30204 or latest version

Made a new HTM file for the JSForm Edited in the values that were working before

Put that HTM file into place replacing the old one that was working in my HTM doc root on my server for that website

Basically used all old values that were working but with newly generated HTM file from latest library and latest Omnis

But when I go to the form now I get a blank web page, it’s not connecting

So the question is

Are there any other things I must do, like

Do I need to try to replace the file or whatever it’s called

Did replacing the App Server undo some setup I did before last time?

These are where I stand.. asking in case you know of a file that I need to place or something

data-webserverurl="cgi-bin/nph-omniscgi" data-omnisserverandport=“5912"

Those are my values in the HTM file.. they were working for a year, I imagine they still apply as nothing has changed

The instructions talk about selecting and placing an apache related file that ends with .so

That area and the editing I have a hard time following hence this

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