OT: Mail and iCloud or what?

Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Tue Jun 15 15:55:49 UTC 2021

Crew, I can’t reply to my own posts and keep it in a thread like that because I’m not being sent my own posts even though I checked my settings and they’re all correct for the list serve. 

So, my question here is this:

My server is a Mac and my work machine is a Mac. 

Normally, mail shows up on both the server’s mail client and on my Mac in the mail.

In other words, usually the two Mail programs which is just the standard Mac Mail program, usually they are in sync… mail shows on both.. if you delete on one it deletes on the other.. the two track each other.. I dont know how it does this.. maybe it’s iCloud doing it.. I have the SAME iCloud account on both machines.. this has always been beautiful

Now today it is acting differently.. mail is showing up on the server Mail program and NOT on my Mac. If I delete on one it does NOT delete on the other. They are out of sync now.. they used to be in sync. 

I can’t get mail I send from Omnis to show up on my Mac. It only shows up on the server’s Mail program. 

Various mail sent to goravanis at gmail.com <mailto:goravanis at gmail.com> does arrive on my work Mac

But mail I send from Omnis on my Mac shows up over there on the server.. but not on my Mac

All’s I did was move.. I changed nothing.. yet the most bizarre things are happening

Seems like I’m slowly getting through it

Any ideas on how to get my Macs to sync again.. this is most strange.. 

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