NO: Sierra Apache SSL (may make those machines mojave with some tricks)

Alex Clay aclay at
Mon Jun 14 21:07:40 UTC 2021

We recently phased out three 3,1 Xserves that I'd upgraded with gobs of RAM and SSDs. The OS compatibility was the main factor, but they were also showing their age in performance a bit. For non CPU/Disk I/O-intensive workloads, however, the Xserves ran great! Now they're hanging out with our phased-out G4 Xserves in a stack.

Replaced all three with two hexacore i7 2018 minis which do the job of the three Xserves and more. It was a physical representation of technology shrinking—10 years of advancement next to each other seeing the minis next to the Xserves.

Our production hosting fleet is all 2012 minis, which run strong on 10.14 Mojave. Still, we're looking at migrating to Apple Silicon in the next couple years for improved performance and future-proofing macOS upgrades.

Seriously, you can't go wrong hosting on a Mac Mini. Failures are rare and they just chug along. That being said, I'm not looking forward to soldered-on storage with the Apple Silicon models. We burn through SSDs every few years, which can be replaced in the 3rd gen minis, but with the Apple Silicon boxes we'll need a whole new box. Just something to build into the pricing and business model.


> On Jun 14, 2021, at 15:37, Mark Grinde <mark at> wrote:
> Those mac minis aren’t old, they’re just “seasoned”.  If you want old, we still have a couple of original Xserves that run great.  They don’t do much anymore— serve internal images and files mostly.  But they just won’t die…
>> On Jun 14, 2021, at 3:25 PM, Doug Easterbrook <doug at> wrote:
>> great.    hope it helps.
>> those old mac mini’s with ssd’s  — we used the core i7 versions for postgres servers and the worked well at a lot of places …. (in their day).
>> I’m interested in what you find.
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