Das Goravani goravanis at
Fri Jun 11 17:33:14 UTC 2021


Why for days now I don’t get my own emails to the list.. only other’s emails.. just curious it’s a small thing.

I am trying repeatedly to get your counsel on this because I’m weak in this area. 

I have a MacMini server and then my MacBookPro. I have a typical home router. 

I have an Omnis Web App Server installed, am running a remote form to the world.

The remote form gathers data and then a report is made into a PDF and emailed back to them.

This was programmed in 10.1 and has been working in 10.1 for a year no problem.

I was in Oregon during that year on one ISP.

I use <> to do my dynamic DNS so that I can move. I knew the move was coming, and set myself up in the dynamic DNS way.. so that I could move.

I got to Florida and re set up my server. 

Everything worked, that is, web sites are being served, and my mail server is working, I’m sending and receiving mail from a few addresses. 

But my App Server after the move did this:

It gave one guy an error.. and did NOT mail him his PDF

I then tried it, and it DID mail me my PDF but it ALSO gave me the error (error executing method at line…)

I then tried it again and it only gave the error.. it stopped sending the PDF.

This was in 10.1 still.. the ONLY change at this point was I moved to another place and got a new ISP

So onto that move and it’s details:

In Oregon I was on home WIFI.. nothing special.. I had to do Port Forwarding due to owning a server. 

I moved to Florida and changed NOTHING

I got a new ISP and new modem, I did the Port Forwarding again and checked that 25 is open.. it is. 

I am able to send and receive emails from both machines to any of my addresses.. mail is working. SMTP is working. 

I upgraded to the latest 10.2.. I’ve been developing in 10.2 for the last year but have not updated the web app server til now.

Since it was only giving an error after my move, I thought I would update the web app server to the latest 10.2

I did that and it blew away the graphics of my remote form.. background color and font color not being honored in USE mode.. in dev mode they are there. 

Upgrading did not solve the problem. There is no error and no email arriving. 

The problem started with my move. After my move the App Server Application started having an error on one line of code and not sending the email. The error is on a blank line of code.. it says line 91 but line 91 is blank.. I have a feeling it is referring to the line of code on line 90 for that is my SMTPSend command.. that sends the email, and it’s not arriving.. I don’t know if the command is generating an email out onto the web or not.. cannot tell.. I only know it doesn’t arrive.

So the problem APPEARS to be related to the move, hence the new ISP and router.. but it’s a Netgear Router.. a good one.. and it’s working for all our Internet needs.. web sites and email are working for me and my partner.. 

It has Port Forwarding and I did that.. and everything is working. 

So why would everything work but the App Server decided to NOT work after my move.. to be specific it worked ONCE and then died.. when I got informed that it gave an error to one user I checked it out and it worked for me but gave the error too..  Thereafter it stopped working… 

It is acting like something about the router or ISP is wrong.. but the only issue is Port 25 with ISP’s and that is OPEN.. Spectrum doesn’t close it. 

SMTP is being Port Forwarded and like I said the mail server software and my mail are working. And it worked once after I arrived in Florida.

What would it be if it worked once and then stopped… does that give a clue to anybody?

I have logged into my Google account and made a new application specific password and put that into the command and tried to no avail. 

With my setup, using NO-IP, you are supposed to be able to move and run.. and indeed that is what happened.. everything worked as soon as I set it up.. almost everything.. mail and web worked.. once I did the Port Forwarding on the router as you need to when you have a server. 

I doubt Omnis changed the SMTPSend command and besides it worked once after I got here to Florida. 

If you are one of those who likes to check things the main website that my server is setup on and that I use for mail is <>

The guy who wrote the mail serving software thought it might be my DNS.. it was on the standard router setting.. so I put in Google’s DNS of

Web and Mail continue to work fine after doing so. App server still not sending an email.

I keep thinking it’s an Omnis Syntax Problem but the facts point to the move being the problem.. new ISP and modem.

But it’s a good ISP and modem, to me, and I’ve done the Port Forwarding and other mail is working. 

And it worked once.. how is that possible?

What would it be if it worked once and then lets assume it shut down because of something about my new in Florida setup.. so it was OK but then it tarnished itself in response to something found about the new setup???   I’m totally reaching and guessing around here…. 

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