Convert Your Library and DF1 to SQL

Das Goravani goravanis at
Sat Jun 5 12:45:35 UTC 2021

Dear $All,

I have written on list about my convert to SQL tool before, now I’m mentioning it again, this time with a recommendation.

1 developer took up and used my tool and got back to me recently about it, saying, paraphrased:

“I was able to use the tool and complete the conversion, it really helped, made it possible, I wouldn’t have attempted it without the tool.”

What it is is 2 things.. some utilities that help you Find and Replace lines of code that need to be changed, and code that you need to mimic the data handling commands that you have been using with the DF1 datafile.. such as Find, Single File Find, Build List from File, Insert, Edit, Delete, Next, etc.  The main contribution this tool gives you is this code, which is in use, in production, and working.. and they mimic the Omnis equivalent commands


The whole point of this tool is to give you the SHORTEST ROUTE to being fully on SQL with the LEAST CODE CHANGES to your application.

You do in fact end up with an app that is on SQL, but still working within the CRB.. using File Format Fields to hold your values, rather than dot notation to hold your values.. with the DF1 you’ve been using Fields to hold your values.. such as Calculate FIELD as X.. you use the field directly.  Normally with SQL you would use dot notation to hold the value such as   MyRow.MyField,  which is a LOT of work to retrofit into all your code.. so I give you a way around that dot notation requirement.. I allow you to stay in the CRB (that means using Fields directly).  

Once you are fully converted and operating again if you wanted to go through and do all dot notation for your code then fine you could do that.. 

The tool is in 10 but you could copy paste it back into older Omnis’s if you needed to.. the one person who used it so far did that back to version 6. 

I am now fully moved to Florida, and somewhat unengaged.. so I don’t mind some tech support coming in over this tool., if you use it, I am glad to help you. No Problem.

If you want a copy let me know and I’ll email it to you or provide a link. 

Das Goravani

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