Remote Form Woes

Das Goravani goravanis at
Fri Jun 4 18:49:39 UTC 2021

I’m not getting mail from the Omnis list.. if you reading this can you shoot me an email on das at and tell me that you are getting it.

Here’s my troubles:

I have a remote form that has been working perfectly for months on an earlier version of 10.2

Now today I have upgraded to the latest 10.2. 30204. And I’m having two problems straight away.

The first is visual. My form uses a background color and that is missing.. the form is pure white.  I have a box on the form also with a background color and it is black. 

The form shows up correctly in design mode but not in use mode.  That is problem 1, a visual problem that makes the form unusable. 

Problem 2, even more serious. 

The form now doesn’t email the pdf to the user as it used to, as it is supposed to.  I changed nothing.. I only upgraded the Omnis App Server software. Now when you run the report the form appears to run through all the code without error, but it doesn’t email the report anymore.  It goes through the SMTP SEND command that I use, which has always worked, but now it’s not working. 

Do you have any idea why when upgrading the App Server Software to 30204 would it stop working?  Emailing with SMTPSend ?

Thank you,

Das Goravani

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