Remote Forms Missing Formatting in 10.2 30204

Das Goravani goravanis at
Fri Jun 4 17:39:30 UTC 2021

Hello $all,

I’m trying to confirm this behavior before reporting it to Omnis.

I have a remote form. It has it’s background set to be a certain gray color.. and I have a box on it that also has a background color.  In design mode the colors show up as they should but in use mode the window background is white and the box background is black. Can’t use it this way. I tried rebooting to no avail.

Has anyone else experimented with 10.2 30204 yet and found this to be true for them too?

I sure hope this fixes quick.. I’d hate for Omnis to have to do a rev just for a visual but it’s a show stopper. 

Das Goravani

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