Survey: How many underaged Omnis Developers are there?

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Hi Folks !


I was underaged when I discovered … Omnis III

Not any more now …


As I already mentioned in the forum, in these old times Omnis was introduced as an easy-to-use software anybody could use : « Even the dog could do it ! ». And largely advertised everywhere to attract people.


But it was so successful, that Omnis management decided to drop the single user market, and to focus on big clients only. Shareholders probably were of the opinion the profit/cost ratio was much better with them, than wasting time on a lot of petty time-consuming low-money users. That’s a general trend nowadays. Meanwhile Filemaker was regularly advertised.


Consequently, Omnis was not any more advertised to the public, and the only users left were those who already heard of Omnis. New users are those who get hired by developer already using Omnis, or who have the chance to discover it with a teacher. That’s where we are now. Nobody else is aware of Omnis.


Wide spreading the use of Omnis means users should do themselves the advertising job Omnis company is not doing anymore ! In my opinion it’s worth of it, because Omnis is still one of the best database software, but who can afford it ?


If some of the few big Omnis clients give up and change to something else, I’m afraid Omnis company could collapse. But what can we do to have a larger user base for Omnis ? And to have Omnis company organizing better information and coaching ?




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It?s really a question.. if it is possible at all.. how to get more new developers for Omnis?


There are at least two groups of ”underaged” Omnis Developers.


1. The ones that have chosen Omnis by of their own choice.

2. The ones that have ”inherited” Omnis as an employee or similar.


I am most interested to get a clue of how many have chosen Omnis by themselves. And why?


The only source is this list. And no current ”underaged” in the first group yet what I have seen. 

And Omnis 1983 is not the same as Omnis 2021. How many ”underaged" should chose Omnis today?













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