Survey: How many underaged Omnis Developers are there?

Wayne Germann wgermann at PACIFIC.EDU
Tue Jun 1 15:00:47 UTC 2021

I started with Omnis in 1989.  I picked it because it was cross-platform and relatively easy to learn.   

I think we should market the software to the high school computer classes and college computer science classes.  


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And to the point Mats :)

In 1983, there were no other choices, but by 1988 there were.  And Omnis still won, as it was in the Apple catalogue of software solutions.  Hypercard, Helix and FileMaker were alive then as well, with only FileMaker surviving.  Still being touted as ’simple’ to use.  Now we all know that get slightly deeper into those products, and you get stuck quick.  But they got the drop on the sale however.

As to why Omnis does get traction is not easy to answer.  You would need a salesman to answer that, and that counts me right out.

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It?s really a question.. if it is possible at all.. how to get more new developers for Omnis?

There are at least two groups of ”underaged” Omnis Developers.

1. The ones that have chosen Omnis by of their own choice.
2. The ones that have ”inherited” Omnis as an employee or similar.

I am most interested to get a clue of how many have chosen Omnis by themselves. And why?

The only source is this list. And no current ”underaged” in the first group yet what I have seen.
And Omnis 1983 is not the same as Omnis 2021. How many ”underaged" should chose Omnis today?


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