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Chris Hughes ataddata at bigpond.net.au
Sat Jan 30 07:04:26 UTC 2021

This works for me

This part procedure is called:-
Do LvYearLst.$line.$assign(1)
If $root.LvYearLst(1,LvYearLst.$line)=jst(#D,'D:y')
Do LvYearLst.$select.$assign(LvYearLst.$line)
Break to end of loop
End If
Do LvYearLst.$line.$assign(LvYearLst.$line+1)
Until LvYearLst.$line>LvYearLst.$linecount
Quit method LvYearLst

Do LvObjectAux.$BuildYearList Returns iYearLst
Do iYearLst.$redefine(iYear)
Do iYearLst.$select(iYearLst.$line)

You need to assign line then select the line.

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I have a window with a drop list on it. During construct I would like to set the line number to 1 so that the list is on line 1 when they arrive on the window

I am trying all of these 

Set current list ivSetupsList
Calculate #L as 1
Do ivSetupsList.$line.$assign(1)
Do $topwind.$objs.SetupDropList.$line.$assign(1)

The drop list still is on line 0 when the window opens. I can’t get it to be on line 1.

Any ideas?
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