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Mike Matthews - Omnis omnis at
Wed Jan 27 09:42:57 UTC 2021

Beautiful work!

Now what does it mean? It's like being back at school, it’s not the answer that is important, it’s the working out that gets you 90% of the marks. :)

Mike Matthews

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On 27 Jan 2021, at 09:09, Kelly Burgess <kellyb at<mailto:kellyb at>> wrote:

A one-liner version just for exercise.

Do schemaList.$define(schemaName)
Quit method schemaList


On Jan 26, 2021, at 2:37 PM, Kelly Burgess <kellyb at<mailto:kellyb at>> wrote:

Hi Dawid,

Here's another approach - pass in pColumnName, get a list back.  I'm still wondering if you could flatten all that into a one-liner with a $sendall...


Do schemaList.$define(schemaName)
Do $clib.$schemas.$first() Returns schemaRef
While schemaRef
Do schemaRef.$objs.$findname(pColumnName) Returns colRef
If colRef
Do schemaList.$add(schemaRef.$name)
End If
Do $clib.$schemas.$next(schemaRef) Returns schemaRef
End While
Quit method schemaList

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