Windows behaving differently

Das Goravani goravanis at
Thu Jan 21 22:02:58 UTC 2021

On my last post I said it’s only happening on Windows.. or I think I did.. anyways it’s not.. but here is something that is happening only on windows.. 

Only on Windows..

I have a list above a graph object on the window, and I allow them to size the window and I have a lot of code that reshapes the objects on my window to the new window size.. not able to make the built in things work for me my situation is a little complex in this case.. so I have one area of the window where a list is above a scroll box and I size the list to the top of the scroll box minus a few pixels so that things fit nicely

This works perfectly on the Mac, it’s not that complex, just changing $height relative to something else

Why on MS Windows 10 the size of the list is really long and is going below the bounds of the sub window it’s in.. only on Windows.. but the code has no relevance to OS.. there is no OS related code in this matter.. it is just sub window object $height relative to the top of a scroll box right below it in the sub window

Any idea why code so basic would work differently on Windows compared to Mac? Otherwise everything is working cross platform as it always has all other features of my software seem intact.. 

One lingering question I have about another subject, if it strikes you to comment, is PDF printing a report set, a set of reports, making a small booklet in the end, this works fine on the Mac.. and it works on MY WINDOWS 10 which is running in VMWare Fusion on my MacBookPro.. all works great, no other features are doing wiggy sizing tricks on me.. and I size things a fair amount.. this ONE is behaving differently on Windows.. yeah back to PDF.. I do different code for Windows as compared to Mac as for me I found that the newer way of doing PDF that Omnis introduced that is supposedly cross platform, I could never get it to work on the Mac but I had a working method on the Mac that worked fine, so I stuck with it, it’s just one generation back say.. it’s good.. but it’s Mac, so for Windows I use that newer method and it works… for me.. on Windows 10 VM

Is my MAC PDF output logic being used to make PDF’s on Windows? Is that possible due to object oriented reality and emulation reality.. is that what enables mine? Because it seems my Windows users cannot use that feature of my software.. it always gives an error… saying for one thing that my font doesn’t have a Unicode C Map in it.. but it DOES have one.. 

I have been unable to get rid of that problem…

So my Windows users are cut out of using one very cool feature I offer.. it’s really important.. 

It’s about they get an error that mentions my font is missing a UNICODE C MAP but the fact is it has one in it I had a TOTAL font expert make this font in the first place and had him later direct it and assure me it had a UNICODE C MAP.. it does have it.. yet they get that error.. 

But I dont? I have the same fonts installed as my users have, I have a standard Windows 10 and it always works perfectly.. still does for all things except that list sizing problem and this PDF printing problem.. 

And I’m having what I covered in the other post which is a custom attribute error in Omnis when quitting.. only.. it doesn’t like one of my standard commands that I made in an object.. I’m calling an object’s method.. and it says unrecognized custom attribute.. but I have the standard two parameters there and that’s all and this line of code runs at all other times just fine only when quitting through them clicking the close box instead of using my menu.. to EXIT as windows calls it.. only when using those system provided ways of quitting Omnis does it BALK on my command.. it otherwise runs and it is often called.

Whatever strikes your fancy.. I’m stymied on these matters and they matter.. 

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