Das Goravani goravanis at
Thu Jan 21 00:16:09 UTC 2021

Dear $All,


I have a weird thing going on and I can’t figure it out.

I am using Studio 10.2 and SQLite.

I have code which saves an astrological chart.. and it’s working, through one feature.

I have another feature that uses the same code, to save the chart.. 

When I edit through feature 1 and save again, all is fine.

When I edit through feature 2 and try to save it says Unique Constraint Failed on the RSN or Primary Key field..

The thing is that field is managed by SQLite. It assigns primary keys.. 

If I edit the same chart that was added through feature 2 in feature 1 it works, no problem.

Only if I edit through feature 2, same code, it says “Unique..failed”… 

I can’t quite grock this because SQLite manages those primary keys.. and it works through feature 1. I am saving through feature 2 the add of the record with the same reused code I use in feature 1 for so long now. Only edit through feature 2 brings up this error.. but there is no difference between the codes being used in the 2 features. 

This doesn’t make sense.. 

Shouldn’t it give up an error when I try to ADD INSERT in feature 2 if there is a problem with the uniqueness of the primary key?  

Why can I UPDATE (Edit) the record created by feature 2 in feature 1 and it gives no error.. no conflict. 

But if I try to UPDATE (Edit) through feature 2 it steadfastly gives this error… that makes no sense.. 

I am baffled

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