Phil (OmnisList) phil at
Mon Jan 4 11:00:56 UTC 2021

No responders I guess suggests no one has done this...

I'd wonder what frame of a video to use for a thumbnail, probably the 
first one is of no use.

I've seen comments on the lines of using image magick, manually, the 
convert command can grab a frame and turn it into an image file.
ie use the 100th frame:

|convert input.mp4[100] thumbnail.png|

it may just farm out the command to ffmpeg or some other command...

image magick can also reduce image sizes, hence a thumbnail from an image...

hence you can build up your thumbnails, and then use them elsewhere...

Just some thoughts, in case they maybe helpful.

Phil Potter
Based in Chester in the UK.

On 02/01/2021 18:57, Wayne Germann wrote:
> Anyone ever create thumbnails of pictures and videos and then place in an icon array on a Remote Form in Studio?

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