10.2 Weird Complex Grid Scrolling

Andrew Pavey andrew at spelean.com.au
Sun Jan 3 22:25:24 UTC 2021

Do Page Up or Page Down keys work?

At 2:15 PM -0800 3/1/21, Das Goravani wrote:

>Does anyone know a solution for this.
>I have a complex grid that isn't that complex but it does have small 
>icon like pictures in it which like icons show if a line has a 
>certain qualification or not.
>That aside, what's up is that it won't scroll except one way.. that 
>is if you arrow the hi light line up or down, then it scrolls with 
>the line
>But pulling the elevator box just bounces back to where the hi light 
>line is.. whether the active cursor is in the list or not, it does 
>Clicking in the scroll bar to get jumps doesn't work, pulling it up 
>or down doesn't work
>The only way to scroll is by the arrow keys moving the line.. which 
>is slow if you have a big list, I have about 100 lines in my test
>Any ideas?
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