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Mike Matthews - Omnis omnis at
Wed Feb 24 16:18:24 UTC 2021

Hello Henk,

It certainly does feel great, and I wholeheartedly agree with Bob Mitchell’s foresight here.  The code folding, once used, is great, two code windows open at the same time of the same class, also great.  I have quickly gotten used to Shift Clicking to set the Go Point, grumble grumble, but the new key strokes soon come quickly.

Would I go back?  Nope.

But I haven’t looked at the themes yet, just sticking to the standard vanilla flavour.  The boys in our team use this Dark Stuff, but so far I have resisted, staying with the Whiter Than White experience.

Good to hear from you Henk :)

Mike Matthews

On 24 Feb 2021, at 16:11, Henk Noppe <h.noppe at<mailto:h.noppe at>> wrote:

Dear Omnis people,

Recently I started to do some experiments in Omnis Studio 10.2 and I must say the free text editor feels great. I only have a hard time with the syntax colouring themes shipped with this Omnis version. I have put together a quick dark theme. You can download it from I had this one laying around from Omnis 8.x and updated it for Omnis 10. Feel free to use it. I was wondering. Do any of you have created their own themes and are willing to share them?

Greetings Henk
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