Switching to Catalina

Doug Easterbrook doug at artsman.com
Wed Feb 24 14:51:45 UTC 2021

hi Mike:

bruno as commented that 8.1 runs on Catalina, so I’ll take his word for it.   We’ve pretty much got everybody to 10.1 or later.

if the issue is that you can’t get omnis installed or it balking at running because of gatekeeper and lack of notarization, then, yes, I can provide the workaround for that.   run the spctl command below.  it re-enables the ‘allow to run from anywhere’ in ’security and privacy'

# turn on 'allow from anywhere' in control panel in high sierra and later
sudo spctl --master-disable

once an application has installed and run the first time, the operating system seems to like it and it does't bother you any more about that app.   

or, in other words, if the app is already on the machine and they upgrade the operating system, it should still run without doing the above.

hope that is what you were asking or looking for.     —  its mostly , how to get an app on a machine without letting gatekeeper interfere.

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> On February 23, 2021, at 8:26 PM, Mike Rowan <michael.rowan3 at gmail.com> wrote:
> My user has asked whether he can upgrade his Mac from 10.2 to
> Catalina, from Omnis's point of view.  I need to know if there is then any
> way to run O$8.7.x.x
> I have a fleeting memory of mention (by Doug?) of a system setting that can
> allow that?  I also wonder what would happen if Omnis was installed outside
> of the Applications folder (assuming that is still possible).
> Anyone know?
> Of course, I could follow the many helpful methods on this list and
> notarise Omnis 10, provided the user's financier will approve...
> Any advice much appreciated.
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