Switching to Catalina

Bruno Del Sol bruno.delsol at bydesign.fr
Wed Feb 24 08:08:55 UTC 2021

Hi Mike,

See the official note from Omnis https://www.omnis.net/developers/resources/documentation/generalinfo.jsp

Besides that :

- both 10.2 and 10.1 work properly on the latest systems : Catalina 10.15 on Intel Macs and Big Sur 11 on Intel and M1 Macs

- 10.1 also work properly on any Mac Intel with MacOs 10.14 and 10.13

- 8.1 works on Catalina 10.15 on Intel Macs but will not even launch on Big Sur

This is why we have decides for now on to standardize on 10.1 because it covers efficiently the largest range of 
installed Macs from 10.13 up to the latest.


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Le 24/02/2021 à 05:26, Mike Rowan a écrit :
> My user has asked whether he can upgrade his Mac from 10.2 to
> Catalina, from Omnis's point of view.  I need to know if there is then any
> way to run O$8.7.x.x
> I have a fleeting memory of mention (by Doug?) of a system setting that can
> allow that?  I also wonder what would happen if Omnis was installed outside
> of the Applications folder (assuming that is still possible).
> Anyone know?
> Of course, I could follow the many helpful methods on this list and
> notarise Omnis 10, provided the user's financier will approve...
> Any advice much appreciated.
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