Remove Embedded kCr's for Import

Alan Grinberg omnis at
Tue Feb 23 22:52:33 UTC 2021

Hello all,

I suspect a number of other developers have run into this problem. It seems rather generic.

Using Studio 8.1 on Mac and Windows
We are importing a csv text file into an Omnis list:

> Prepare for import from file {Delimited (commas)}
> Import Data

If a text field has an embedded kCr, it causes the import to create a new line in the list (i.e., a new record).

Is there some code that can deal with this?
Or an algorithm to take the entire file and do a search and replace on these internal kCr's and leave the end of record kCr's alone?

- Alan

Alan Grinberg
AG Systems/ZOO-INK
San Francisco, CA <applewebdata://2B18004F-A5D7-4E81-AEE6-E2539DE016A7>
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