Latest build v10.1 released (29237) problem dragging windows macOS

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Thu Feb 18 13:37:11 UTC 2021

Hi stefan,

I have found the reason of the problem. There is something related with StudioTips libraries that interference with latest build.
If you don't use StudioTips no trouble.

With StudioTips loading at startup, as soon as Omnis opens you can’t drag IDE window.

If I remove StudioTips all is Ok.

 I will try to find why previous versions of Omnis were not affected but the latest has troubles with StudioTips. StudioTips has been very handy.



> El 18 feb 2021, a las 11:33, Stefan Csomor <csomor at> escribió:
> Hi Xavier
>>   I’m having problems dragging windows with latest build of Omnis Studio 10.1 under macOS 10.14 and 10.13.
>>   Anybody can confirm that latest build has or no has troubles dragging windows under macOS Mojave ?
> 29237 under macos 10.14.6 gives me no problems dragging around eg the browser, methods windows from the titlebar, or entry window in my app. 
> What artifacts/problem exactly are you seeing when doing what ?
> Best,
> Stefan
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