Update v10.1 released (29237)

Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 19:46:32 UTC 2021

I just want to voice that with the latest 10.2 28632 I’ve not had many crashes, they have dropped to nil. During the beta I had problems that they apparently fixed. 

When rarely it crashes on me I’ve noticed it’s at times when I have used it to the max.. have had many things open of various types, find and replace usage, notation inspector usage, windows, codes, all open and active bouncing back and forth.. boom gone.. this is on Mac. It’s so rare now that it’s not an issue. 

In 10.1 prior to this new release, I haven’t used the new one, won’t be, as I decided to stop my pre Mojave development at a certain version point for my app, leave them on that one forever, this older OS’s.. and develop only on 10.2.  I had to because 10.1 had a bug, a crash, simply between the Properties Manager and any open in dev window or report.. if you go to PM and do something, when you click back on your window it crashes unless you specifically click back on it using the title bar.. which was a drag when doing lots of fields work which is really repetitious say..

So anyways, went to 10.2 and love it, stable, rich, method editor is a dream.. all the help is perfect.. by now I’ve got canned methods that I can call to do all my basics, so large tasks are now a single line of calling code that’s it.. pass parameters.. and the sub routines work away, and I’m able to write other new features using all this black boxes I’ve made, quickly, make new things easily.. because I have done my OO work of making these “objects”.. I love omnis, it’s really slick, complete, well thought out, to say the least.. 

Yes Omnis support asks for Libraries that show a behavior.. they need that input of rich usage and complex code sometimes to find a particular behavior repeatedly.. I submitted my 10.1 bug but they could not repeat it, but for me it was rock solid repeatable.. but that was 10.1 and it’s probably better now. 

They do a really good job. And it never ends, for example, now they have to also deal with M1 compatibility, and not too slowly.. for those are out and being deployed so the expectation is already there..


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