v10.2 crashes

Mike Matthews - Omnis omnis at lineal.co.uk
Wed Feb 17 16:05:49 UTC 2021

What rev number, as I found a nasty fault that caused the Dev environment to crash?

Mike Matthews

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On 17 Feb 2021, at 15:44, Udo Sonnabend | WigaSoft AG <U.Sonnabend at wigasoft.ch<mailto:U.Sonnabend at wigasoft.ch>> wrote:

me too have more crashes on 10.2 x64, disappearing of the programm without any error message on Windows 10.
May be, i suspect, when calling home ?!

Regards, u.

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Udo Sonnabend

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Betreff: v10.2 crashes

Yes, Phil, v10.2 (latest build from December) often crashes on me. I mentioned to support during the beta phase, but could not get a repeatable scenario.

In my case I'm currently doing a lot of 10.2 development most of the day. I often get a "hard crash" when returning to the method editor from another dev window, or switching from another application back into Omnis.

Brian A. O'Sullivan
Axalta Coating Systems, USA

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I have to second that one...

They are eager to overcome any problems.

in 10.2, do any of you see any random crashes, just Omnis completely bombs out?

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