AW: AW: How to count how many Timers are running

Udo Sonnabend | WigaSoft AG U.Sonnabend at
Mon Feb 15 11:16:23 UTC 2021

   Hi Phil
   Your args are correct. I am aware of that. Even, the $sendall command
   uses time to parse all classes and instances. A running (waiting)
   instance could be executed and finished before the $sendall is
   May be the $sendall has to be refined at bit, depending on the
   implementation of the timers.
   The $timeleft could be omitted and may be $autorestart included into
   the $sendall instead.
   Impudently, testing whether the $timer method of the instance is
   runnig, could be included in the $sendall. This is probably really time
   consuming and unreadable, but could go using sys(192) - I didnt test

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   Hi Udo,
   Great answer.
   I wonder if you need to check timeleft?
   At a moment in time, the timeleft may be zero whilst it does some
   processing, to be restarted afterwards... but there is still an
   instance of the object there?
   Would the timer be considered to still be running at that point?
   I guess it depends whether you want to know what timer is doing
   nothing, just waiting for time to pass, or how many timers you may have
   running at all.
   Not sure I've noticed $insts of an object before, guess I never needed
   to know, but good to know now.
   Phil Potter
   Based in Chester in the UK.
   On 13/02/2021 17:08, Udo Sonnabend | WigaSoft AG wrote:
   >     Hi Mike
   >     May be that helps:
   >     It creates a list of all Timers running with a $timeleft>0. May
   be you
   >     have to refine the $sendall a bit.
   >     Do #L1.$define(#S1)
   >     Do
   >     f.$superclass='.Timer
   >     Regards, u.
   >     WigaSoft AG
   >     Udo Sonnabend
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