Finding a date on a list

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Sun Feb 14 21:30:48 UTC 2021

Calculate LineNumber as 0 : line number is an intener
Do List.$search($Ref.C6-Date,1,0,0,0) return LineNumber ;;; C6 is the column of the list.  You can use the variable name as well
if LineNumber
	Do List.$line.$assign(Linenumber)
	Do List$loadcols() ::: This loads the list in the CRB
End if

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Hi All

Help please

I have a list of stock transactions with dates. I am trying to get the last transaction date which is less than or equal to the date I am looking at so that I can get what was in stock at the date I am searching on. I cannot see how to do it with notation on a list. I am sure that there must be a way.

Many thanks

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