Martin Obongita martin.obongita at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 11 19:13:04 UTC 2021

Hi $all,
I have successfully logged on to an omnis database using OMSQLDAM
I have a remote form with a button "load" which I use to select and fetch data.In the $event method, I have defined a variable:lvCustomerList variable of type tCustomers
"tCustomer" table class "tSuper" super class
In the "tSuper" table class I have defined a variable:lvStatementObjRef Variable of Type Item Reference
In the class method "$sqlerror" I have the following statement:Set reference lvStatementObjRef to $cinst.$statementobjectCalculate iScript as lvStatementObjRef.$sqltextCalculate iErrotText as lvStatementObjRef.$nativeerrortext
When I execute the load method, I get the error below:e125207 Problem with notation unnamed_value.$sqltextinstance error: SQL DAM not supported
Any assistance is highly appreciated.

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