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Hi Rob,

With the command line tool pdftk you can add a watermark to your PDF file. I personally have never done this before, but you would to be able to test this on the command line, and then implement the command line call from Omnis. Just make sure the original PDF and the watermark PDF files both have a transparent background.


Rudolf Bargholz

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Hi All,

The subject line is not using the correct term because I don’t know what the right term is.

Users are visiting a website.
They have identified themselves by logging in.
An option they have is to request a document be sent to them.  It will be a pdf document.
The document is static in content but I want to embed some sort of identification mark within the document.
I don’t want to generate a pdf in Omnis because it takes too much processing time (the doc is about 50 pages long).

Is there a way of taking a static pdf document, adjusting an attribute within its DOM or something like that, and putting it into an email?

Rob Mostyn
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