OS: One large library or many little ones?

Grzegorz (Greg) Pasternak gpasternak at cogeco.ca
Mon Aug 30 03:09:19 UTC 2021

Since you are still stuck in Classic consider re-write rather than so called conversion if you see biz opportunity to expand your sales.  The "re-write" may be costly and painful but makes a lot of sense if you plan to stay relevant for many years to come.  As somebody said somewhere "there are two ways to go about any issue, the proper one and the quick and dirty one, I prefer the proper one".  

If you decide to go multi-library app (which makes sense for a variety of reasons and indicates the re-write strategy) make sure you maintain the version of each library to avoid dependency errors in your main library.
A separate consideration, if you use table classes to access database, make sure you have them in one library making the app.  Otherwise you may end up with proliferation of table classes across your libraries and getting out of synch.

Btw, even if you still want to be stuck in Classic, the idea of breaking main library into several libraries makes still a lot of sense.  For what is worth, I have done it many times back in O7 days.


> On Aug 29, 2021, at 8:28 PM, Jim Creak <jim at jacsoft.co.nz> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Still stuck in Classic, would like to move out, and have a few people helping me with that :)
> One of the questions I have been pondering, and can see benefits and disadvantages from each is the idea to either build everything into one large library, or build each module into it’s own library.
> I have two main programs that I maintain, plus a few smaller clients, so another question would be do I develop just one super app for everyone, which would mean lots of helpful shared code to speed it all up, or leave them separate from each other and try to manage the shared code some other way.
> Peoples thoughts? 
> Thanks
> Jim
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