O7: Open omnis maximized

Jim Edison jime at ediconcepts.net
Fri Aug 27 00:22:01 UTC 2021

Hi Daniel,

Hope I am not missing the obvious but you need to first consider the RDP
client Settings, set to full screen under the display tab.

In Omnis 7 I believe you should have 3 commands which should allow you to
show Omnis as you please ;
Show Omnis minimized
Show Omnis maximized
Show Omnis normal

Further if the rdp works like normal windows, the Omnis window should react
to mouse clicks on the square next to the red X.  Also a double click on the
title bar of Omnis should switch between Normal and maximized.  

Hope this is useful.

Best Regards,
Jim Edison CPCU

EDI Concepts Inc. - InStar Support and Programming 
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Hi all

Is there a way to make omnis open at maximum size?
We are now using an iPad 10.2 for stock-functions and want the omnis-program
open at the iPad resolution.
We are using remote desktop.

Also, is there a way to interact if user clicks on the omnis maximized or
minimized icons at the top right?.
This is Omnis 7. On windows, not mac.

0736 704070

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