Printing existing pdf from O$ 8.3 Mac

Paul Mulroney pmulroney at
Sun Aug 22 23:50:48 UTC 2021

Hi Ben,

What happens if you use "Tell application "Finder" print <file>"?

Does that work any better?


> On 22 Aug 2021, at 5:18 am, Ben Weinberg <ben at> wrote:
> Hi Listers:
> I’m printing existing pdfs using the method:
> Begin text block
> Text: tell application "Preview" (Carriage return)
> Text: activate (Carriage return)
> Text: print (POSIX file "[lFilePath]") (Carriage return)
> Text: close (POSIX file "[lFilePath]") (Carriage return)
> Text: quit (Carriage return)
> Text: end tell (Carriage return)
> End text block
> Get text block lScriptText
> Do $runapplescript(lScriptText)
> The file does print but is clipped because of margins being too big.  The pdf’s margins are not respected.
> Manual method:
> When I double-click on the pdf, it opens in Preview and prints with much smaller margins so it is not clipped.  The pdf’s margin settings are respected.
> Is there a better way?
> I have tried the AppleScript above but using PDFpen, which will print the pdf correctly, but then hang the Omnis method until I manually quit PDFpen.
> Ben Weinberg
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