Desktop apps and Web - what makes sense?

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Tue Aug 10 21:49:57 UTC 2021

> On Aug 10, 2021, at 6:54 AM, Grzegorz (Greg) Pasternak <gpasternak at> wrote:
> Running the risk of being redundant, I am wondering if anybody of you can help me out in this beautiful summer of 2021.
> I am seeking the experience based short solid answers for few questions.
> 1. Is Desktop App a thing of the past?

No, for the more complex applications web isn’t quite there yet in my opinion.

> 2. Is it making sense to keep existing Desktop App and develop complementary Web App?  

I would say yes to this.

> 3. Is it perhaps better to develop Web App replacing Desktop App completely using non-Omnis technology?

This would depend on the application needs or use case. Refer back to 1.

> 4. Is there a place for Omnis to be relevant part of Web App design?

Yes, I have developed a couple of web apps very quickly with Omnis. When it comes to the options of open source it is a very time consuming activity to learn ( I find most help is based on that you know how to use it already) If it is going to take a week to get started the open source tools it is cheaper to buy Omnis. Open Source is usually a compendium of tools so there is a lack of continuity between tools.

> 5. Is there any commercially successful implementation of the Web App using Omnis technology?  If so, which part is it?  (Java script remote forms?  REST? Ultra thin client?)

There are some very powerful web based apps in Europe. Talk to sales about that.

A parting remark is that Omnis is data centric and has been so since day one. In my experience (and I have looked at a lot of Open Source ) they seem to forget the data part or don’t deal with it in an efficent fashion. 

> Please note, the above assumes having commercially successful client/server Omnis Studio desktop app using SQL backend database.
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> Greg
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