Desktop apps and Web - what makes sense?

ADJob mats at
Tue Aug 10 19:01:59 UTC 2021


> 1. Is Desktop Apps a thing of the past?

 In my opinion - YES!
> 2. Is it making sense to keep existing Desktop Apps and develop complementary Web Apps?  

 I think the migration from Desktop to Web will take some years, so you may keep the existing Desktop. But focus on the Web App.
> 3. Is it perhaps better to develop a Web App replacing Desktop App completely using non-Omnis technology?
I think that you will get the job done faster with Omnis Web. Maybe the magnitude of 5x. Non-Omnis technology consists of dozens of technologies you have to put together yourself.
The bottom line is that you have to choose between time and money. Omnis will cost you money and Open Source will cost you plenty of time.
> 4. Is there a place for Omnis to be a relevant part of Web App design?

About 50% of all developers are between 20-30 years according to StackOverflow. I asked the list if there are any youngsters on the list.
The answer was practically zero. So I guess that Omnis will lack new fresh blood, considering that most of the options are open source and free. So I have my doubts that Omnis Web is the right path. 
> 5. Is there any commercially successful implementation of the Web App using Omnis technology?  If so, which part is it?  (Javascript remote forms?  REST? Ultra thin client?)

I asked this question on the list a while ago and I got a dozen of answers. Not encouraging. I am investigating Go (Golang) that has about 2 millions developers today.
But this path I should never consider if Omnis was more affordable.

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