Omnis 10.1 headless on centos 8

Josh Luchies josh.luchies at
Tue Apr 27 12:48:36 UTC 2021

Hey Louis,

We had some issues with SE Linux for our Django websites, this may help 
with the issue you are facing as well.

So the one thing I had trouble with was SELinux not allowing access to 
the error and requests logs in the deployment directories 
(/var/www/<hostname>) to allow this, I used the command    semanage 
fcontext -a -t https_log_t “/var/www/<hostname> 
<>(/.*)?” Then I did   restore con -Rv 
/var/www/<hostname> <> That seemed to allow 
apache to start properly and I could access the website (as my test) 
from the IP address.

So hopefully this either gets you on the right track for using SELinux.  
For us, it was a permissions issue with the directories where the logs 
(and code) were stored.

Josh Luchies
IT Administrator
Royal Homes Limited
Phone: 519 357 2606 ext 245

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