ODB 1.75

Juan Bofill juanbofillaba at gmail.com
Mon Apr 26 13:38:34 UTC 2021

Hi all

	I have converted from Omnis NON UNICODE to Omnis 10.2. I have over 60 data files converted in DML mode and the libraries are all working again in 10.2. It all looks ok up to this point!

	Now, before converting to SQL, I thought I would try ODB 1.75 and see if I could get away with it while finally converting to SQL. It started to work with record locking and all!!!

	After a while ODB 1.75 stops serving with apparent reason. Tried serving with Big Sur and High Sierra with same results.

	I know I should be on SQL but would like to know why it stops like that. Computer is set to never sleep as well as hard disks.

	Any help?




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