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Giacomo Manzoli GiacomoM at 888sp.it
Thu Apr 22 07:10:11 UTC 2021

Hi Mike, Hi Bruno

In order to obtain the “list of row” instead of a row with a col for each element of the JSON array you have set the third parameter (bAllowArraysOfRows) to kTrue:

Do OJSON.$jsontolistorrow(#S1,lvErrorText,kTrue) Returns #L1 ## Convert JSON data into List data

After that the method of Bruno should work, I’m using something similar to perform the same task.

Best regards,

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Data: giovedì, 22 aprile 2021 08:57
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Oggetto: Re: $listorrowtojson & $jsontolistorrow
Hi Mike,

I ran into this issue recently, and since I didn't want to use a full OJSON object to deal with it i came up with a
quick and dirty workaround. The method below takes the list of rows returned by $jsontolistorrow (ie #L1 in your
example) or by the pContents var in POST calls and fixes it.

(Thanks to you if you post an ER to your East coast comrades asking if they could have $jsontolistorrow to do that directly)


# parameter json is a list (ie was a js array) with a single col which is
a row (ie was a js object)
# returns a list

If not(json.$colcount=1)
Quit method #NULL ## not a list of rows
End If

Calculate row as json.1.C1

If row.$colcount=0
Quit method #NULL ## not a row
End If
Do returnlist.$copydefinition(row)

Calculate json.$line as 0
While json.$next(0)
Do returnlist.$add()
Calculate returnlist.$line as returnlist.$linecount
Do returnlist.$assignrow(json.c1,1)
End While

Quit method returnlist


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Bruno Del Sol
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Le 21/04/2021 à 20:58, Mike Matthews - Omnis a écrit :
> Hello All,
> I know I can do this, but I just can’t remember, so a Senior Moment for me.
> Do OJSON.$listorrowtojson(lvList,kUniTypeCharacter,lvErrorText) Returns
pfList.vat_bas_nom_json ## Convert LIST data into JSON data
> Calculate #S1 as pfList.vat_bas_nom_json ## Check JSON data
> Do OJSON.$jsontolistorrow(#S1,lvErrorText) Returns #L1 ## Convert JSON data into List data
> So the problem here is #L1 does not look like lvList, by a long way, just a single row, each cell with a list.  I was hoping the JSON was self contained, but no.
> lvList has 12 columns, with 12 rows.  All Chars columns.
> The JSON data looks like this:
> [{"period":"July-20","1220.00":"25376.450000","1640.01":"1.110000","sum":"","1640.05":"0.000000","1640.89":"7774.560000","1102.00":"-1383522.860000","1104.00":"0.000000","1105.00":"-307.500000","1385.00":"118375.680000","sum2":"","1386.00":"36712.460000"},{"period":"August-20","1220.00":"29119.270000","1640.01":"1.110000","sum":"","1640.05":"0.000000","1640.89":"5486.700000","1102.00":"-1230577.190000","1104.00":"0.000000","1105.00":"-294.000000","1385.00":"76638.740000","sum2":"","1386.00":"36712.460000"},{"period":"September-20","1220.00":"31942.070000","1640.01":"1.110000","sum":"","1640.05":"0.000000","1640.89":"942.100000","1102.00":"-996200.960000","1104.00":"0.000000","1105.00":"-158.500000","1385.00":"76550.000000","sum2":"","1386.00":"36712.460000"},{"period":"October-20","1220.00":"20057.790000","1640.01":"1.110000","sum":"","1640.05":"0.000000","1640.89":"293.330000","1102.00":"-972919.280000","1104.00":"0.000000","1105.00":"-4706.480000","1385.00":"80589.600000","sum2":"","1386.00":"41377.210000"},{"period":"November-20","1220.00":"32880.320000","1640.01":"1.110000","sum":"","1640.05":"0.000000","1640.89":"878.670000","1102.00":"-999409.740000","1104.00":"0.000000","1105.00":"-242.910000","1385.00":"80615.200000","sum2":"","1386.00":"39805.210000"},{"period":"December-20","1220.00":"15714.410000","1640.01":"0.000000","sum":"","1640.05":"0.000000","1640.89":"843.080000","1102.00":"-557485.910000","1104.00":"0.000000","1105.00":"-130.000000","1385.00":"77234.130000","sum2":"","1386.00":"39805.210000"},{"period":"January-21","1220.00":"23791.010000","1640.01":"0.000000","sum":"","1640.05":"0.000000","1640.89":"0.000000","1102.00":"-1067034.920000","1104.00":"0.000000","1105.00":"-138.500000","1385.00":"116197.330000","sum2":"","1386.00":"39805.210000"},{"period":"February-21","1220.00":"25510.250000","1640.01":"0.000000","sum":"","1640.05":"0.000000","1640.89":"0.000000","1102.00":"-689436.870000","1104.00":"0.000000","1105.00":"-802.730000","1385.00":"7711
> So how do you correctly turn a List into JSON, and then back again?
> Thank you
> Mike Matthews
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