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Thu Apr 15 17:52:26 UTC 2021

When I first converted to SQLite I had to deal with making a SQLite database from my DF1

One thing that happened is that I had fields with reserved SQL names so those had to go

The Omnis tool for making a SQLite database from your DF1 did not work for me.. it finished, but I got errors using it that I didn’t get when I switched to one I made myself using code.. moving the data field by field to SQL for all my files.. it’s what they do.. I wrote the same thing and it worked better.  Just an aside. 

You may have to post the errors to get help on them, to get through them. 

You are beginning the SQL journey now along with converting from Classic to Studio.. two big jumps.. 

I’ve posted this before, but I am reluctant to again, but here goes my adjusted version. 

I’ve got a library that contains things you need when converting to SQL from DF1.  For one it has the create Database utility that mimics Omnis’s.. then it has search and replace routines that find all your Find’s, Next’s, Single File Finds,. And more.. and converts them to calls to an Object I provide and a Master Table Class Table.. with code in it.. these are Studio things.. new Formats called Table Class and Object Classes. An object holds code and so do table classes, both hold code, but are called differently. 

So I provide everything you need to convert to SQLite.. all that can be done automatically.. then you need to do a lot manually but it’s handle-able.. you work with find and replace and you replace old code with calls to my routines.. which are already written and mimic certain Omnis commands that access data.. like the ones I mentioned plus build list from file and delete then SQL ones like “Complex Find” where you pass it the WHERE clause of your SQL command.. and it carries it out.. 

So I’ve got most everything you need already written and it represents the quickest way to get on SQL with the least changes.. your code all remains the same in working with my stuff.. you remain “in the CRB”.. you see when you FULLY convert to SQL and do it the way Omnis recommends, the way coders on this list will recommend, you do a LOT more work and you put all your data into rows and lists.. you do not work with File Format Fields directly, as that is the CRB.. you get out of the CRB and into rows and lists and all your references to what were just FIELDS now become dot notation like this, row name, then field name, ie.   myRow.myField.  all your fields get replaced with those.. it’s a lot of work.. much of your code gets re written and put most into SQL compatible ways of doing things.. 

But with my stuff you remain as you are, in the CRB.. all of my code takes the SQL row and places it into fields in your file formats just like as in Omnis 7 using the DF1

Studio can still do that.. exactly that.. work with FF fields in the CRB using the DF1 OR using a SQLite database (or other)

So my approach leaves you as you are, you don’t need to change all your field references to dot notation, you don’t have to re plan the way you handle data, re write all your code, no, you can remain as you are, but move to SQL.. because of a host of commands I have programmed, mimic’d, Omnis, exactly, for the key stuff you need when converting an app from the old way to SQL

I can provide this library that contains a window with buttons on it, you have to check that code and make sure it’s right for you.. the buttons do everything I talk about

Then it contains the object and table class I mentioned which contain the routines

But here’s the deal… I originally said I would provide this free.. and I did.. and two people took it up that I know of so far.. one has had success and is running in SQL 

The other was a lesson for me about compatibility between humans and attitude.. I thought that providing something for free told a story about how much support to expect, how good to expect it to be.. and so on. I didn’t expect to be given grief because the person had to do some work to convert despite using my stuff.. that there is some work to the process.. it’s not FULLY automated by my stuff.. it is LARGELY automated by my stuff.. you still have to do some work on your library to get it to go SQL.. like for example you have to use Find and Replace to find all your Update Files commands and replace them with a call to one of my routines but you have to look at your code in the area of the update file to see which files you are updating with that command and make one call for each file, so you might have 3 of my update file commands in that space where usually it is just one.. one file being updated.. so those have to be done manually.. you see.. you have to look at the code and decide which files, so that takes time and I can’t change that aspect.. how many you have determines how long the process takes you.. you can do one in about a minute and a half.. so it can go pretty quick.. even a minute.. or less even.. it’s pretty darn quick

Now because the person was in a very different time zone, which is true for you two, the emails weren’t in sync.. between us, and expectations were out of alignment, and I suffered, it just didn’t go well.. I don’t want that to happen again, so I thought of charging to help and support the product, as I was doing, I was supporting fully for free.. 

With the first person the process was painless, so it depends on the attitude and approach the user takes with the stuff.. 

You are going to be learning Studio now, that is a fairly big leap from 7, and I think learning SQL at the same time.. so you have your study cut out for you.. 

I thought after the negative experience that perhaps from now on I will charge $1,000 to support someone through this process.. then I thought I just didn’t want to do it.. so I wasn’t vocal about the product anymore.. but the first one went effortlessly for me.. because he studies so well on his own.. so it depends on the person doing it.. 

Now that you’ve read this I”m open to giving it for free.. with the words “I am willing to support and help, but you have to know that there is work for you in coding too, after running the automated things that do so much.. I am totally willing to help, but I dont want to be given grief.. after all I’m doing a favor here.. so if that’s understood, then we’re good. 

Let me know if you want it and I’ll figure out an URL for you to download

Good luck on your journey, I started out blank fresh no clue about a year ago, and got through it, with the help of the list, and made my method, which is well written, it’s good, put it together and gave it away on this list.. I got through it.. I have people using it now.. in SQL.. in the CRB.. with SQLite.. working fine.. in the field.. 

Das Goravani

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