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Hi Bas, all the best and stay tuned.  Never loose scope in Reality!
Even those Fiqas days, well that's long time ago...

Kind regards,

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Hi Everyone,

I've been lurking for the past few months but I haven't forgotten you all :)

It's no longer a secret but I hadn't posted this on the list before. 
After nearly 13 great years I felt it was time for something new and ended my working relationship on good terms with David two months ago and am no longer employed by Instinct Systems Pty Ltd. I've since been delving into the wonderful world of game development and virtual reality through a contract I have with an open source project.

While this is keeping me plenty busy it was always my plan to do additional things and stay active in one way shape or form in the Omnis world. So I wanted to put the word out that I am available for hire for smaller projects. If you need help with PostgreSQL, an XComp or something in Omnis itself please sent me an email and maybe I can be of help :)

For those who are newer too this list, I'm a 25 year veteran Omnis developer who started in Omnis 7 and has worked with all Omnis Studio versions.


Bastiaan Olij

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