Report style table on the fly

IT it at
Thu Apr 8 09:52:39 UTC 2021


I need to print a report with a table of products and variable number of details. 

SKU     Length     Width     Height     Weight     Material      Colour
36102   490         300        200        1,1    Polypropylene     Red
36103   500         300        225        2,0    Polypropylene     Blue
36104   600         350        225        2,5    Polypropylene     Grey

The number and width of columns varies depending on the product line.
So, I need to set the number of columns in the report and the adjust the width of the columns based on the content max length of the column and set position to the columns title labels.

Is there a way to know how much space takes a report field based on the content and font used?

Any advice to build a variable table style report on-the-fly ?



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