how to displaying contents of a field in oBrowser

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Wed Apr 7 15:34:10 UTC 2021

Hello Doug,

I remember something like this, but not sure.  What does the runtime method called $setdataurl do?  Otherwise I’m not sure.

But I have struggled and succeed with some base64 stuff from the Remote Form RTF object (jsRich), where you can embed graphics into a writing field using the Quill code.  Now I can pull out those images and save them to disk.

Thanks to Mike Motter for that help in 2019.


On 7 Apr 2021, at 16:10, Doug Easterbrook <doug at<mailto:doug at>> wrote:

I’m sure somebody has done this, so I’m looking for a quick hint.

I have a field that contains a full web page.   lets call it     MYDATA

I want to get oBrowser to display that full web page without writing the contents to a file and thne displaying it.

i.e.   I know I can
1) write the contents of MYDATA to a file

2) give $urlorcontrolname the path name to the file and it will display

I’m hoping there is a way to simply give oBrowser the contents of MYDATA and show the web page.

anybody done that. (and willing to share the code shortcut).

thanks in advance.

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