how to displaying contents of a field in oBrowser

Doug Easterbrook doug at
Wed Apr 7 15:10:03 UTC 2021

I’m sure somebody has done this, so I’m looking for a quick hint.

I have a field that contains a full web page.   lets call it     MYDATA

I want to get oBrowser to display that full web page without writing the contents to a file and thne displaying it.

i.e.   I know I can
1) write the contents of MYDATA to a file

2) give $urlorcontrolname the path name to the file and it will display

I’m hoping there is a way to simply give oBrowser the contents of MYDATA and show the web page.

anybody done that. (and willing to share the code shortcut).        

thanks in advance.

Doug Easterbrook
Arts Management Systems Ltd.
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