Omnis Data File issues

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Sat Apr 3 06:44:26 UTC 2021

Hi Thad

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    Hi Stefan,
    I am not entirely sure about the locking.  But messages.txt (logging is set to 2) does show the following when the application sets the main file at startup:
    Client IP = Omnis Bridge Error: Specified byte/byte range lock was not found
    The odd thing is that none of the files are read/write at that point.  I also found and old list post that stated that this error isn’t necessarily an indicator of an issue. Perhaps it does?
    I tried logging level three previously, but it produced a significant amount of information about every DML operation, but nothing that would give indication of an issue.  I may try it again.
    If locking was was an issue, do you have any thoughts about how to address it?
If you could reproduce a simple case where a record can be simultaneously put into edit mode from two Omnis instances because cannot be locked anymore under Big Sur, then it could be that one of the System calls that ODB produces is not properly supported under Big Sur anymore. Then only Omnis Software could help, or a bug fix release by Apple if it was not intended (but that fix would by for macOS 12 (Monterey ?) probably only). The only additional idea would be to mount a smb volume from a system that still properly implements byte range locking, eg from a NAS, and see whether odb still works under Big Sur in this configuration.

Just my 0.02$



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