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Wed Sep 23 17:36:12 EDT 2020

Like some other repliers here, I have not met Wendy, but I have read every posting on this list fo as long as it has existed, so I feel like I have met her.
I would like to add my best wishes for your retirement.  Another contributor lost to us, though for the best possible reason.

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> On 24 Sep 2020, at 1:33 am, Wendy <wizardcompserv at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all
> In the near future Wizard will be hanging up its mouse and going for a long rest!
> I would like to send a big Thank you to all on the list for the help and support you have given me over the last 30 years of using Omnis.  Knowing that when you have a problem with the software there is someone out there who knows the answer has been great and kept me nearly sane!!
> Many thanks again and very best wishes for the future
> Wendy Osbaldestin
> Wizard Computer Services
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