Localization with a remoteform

Louis Kirouac lkirouac at gmail.com
Sat Sep 19 10:31:36 EDT 2020

Hi $all

I have set up the TSV stringtable file,  and the JavaScript file in

I have something like this working:

Do $cinst.$objs.SubListContextMenuBar.$tabtext.$assign(stgettext('Print'))

In the documentation it says:

String table functions

The client accesses the current string table for the stgettext() function,
and properties assigned with the $st prefix.

I don't understand the "properties assigned with the $st prefix"

Is it possible to define a Tab Control tabtext to get the local value ??

I would like to set it up in design and not have to rely on code to change
the tab's name.

Thanks for your help

Louis Kirouac

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