JS Web App - OS10.1.26652 on Win2019 Locking up

Philip Tulett philip.tulett at pdq-networks.com
Wed Sep 16 05:54:44 EDT 2020

Hi List,

We are experiencing Intermittent locking up of a JS Web App that was running
fine under Studio 8 on Windows 2012r2 but is not now that it is running
under Studio 10.1 on Windows 2019.

Previously, the JS Web App was Studio 8.0.3 running on Windows 2012r2, would
run for weeks without issue. Just being restarted for the regular MS
The Library files converted from Studio 8 to Studio 10 without issue.
When the lockup occurs, windows task manager indicates that the Omnis App is
using 20%+ CPU in a 4 Core VM.
It's as if Studio is in an endless loop. If we leave it for a period of
time, maybe 30 mins or hour or two, it just comes back to life, sometimes
however, the only option is to stop and restart the instance.
During the lock-up New Users are unable to connect.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour ?

Kind regards

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