Just starting with OS10.1

Jim Creak jim at jacsoft.co.nz
Wed Sep 9 19:59:31 EDT 2020

Hi All,

I’ve decided that I need to do a simple job for one of my clients, so getting this done with OS10 sounds like an easy introduction to Studio.

All I need this application to do is sit on a computer, check emails for one user and place any attachments  into a specified folder.

My thinking is that 

(*)	I use a local SQLite datafile to store the default settings, e.g. log in details, folder to store into etc.

(*)	I create some sort of timer routine that will start the process every minute

(*)	The main process will read new eMails,  check for any attachments and store them in the specified folder.

Creating the SQLite datafile and setting the defaults hasn’t been too hard.  But this has all been done manually, so I still need to create a window to allow the user to update as required.

I’m not sure how to set up a Timer.
i’m not sure how to control eMails.

I could do all this in Classic O7 without much thought, but it dosen’t allow getting emails from a secure mail server, and it would defeat the purpose of getting started in Studio 10 :)

Any hints would be appreciated. 


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