PDF Output Problem

Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Sat Sep 5 21:10:19 EDT 2020

This is the order I’m doing things in. First is a repeat loop that prints out the reports. Then I END PRINT JOB and CLOSE Print or Export File because it is writing to a file. 

I then do a repeat loop for testing if the file is ready and complete. I added that sleep to it because I thought it might help. It may be an unnecessary time waster. 

I have an iterations test on it so that it doesn’t run forever in some odd case.  The essence of it is DOES FILE EXIST and it puts the result in #8, sorry. 

Should the completion test loop go BEFORE the END PRINT JOB command?  I figure the file isn’t done so long as it’s open but I dont know.. 

The last report is somehow being hung over waiting for the next set. It holds this report and puts it on the next one no matter how much time has passed or what’s been done.. I’m not sure about rebooting.. that might clear it.  The report which moves is stored in an “output” file, self named, self created, Omnis automatic.. 

I even test for this file and try to delete it at the end of my process.. as the very last step.. as it’s created during the output phase.. it is there but it’s not complete because it doesn’t delete.. 

Set current list lvRepListRef
For each line in list (Selected lines only) from 1 to #LN
   Load from list
   If rephascontrols
      Do method [repname]
      Do code method [repcall] (repseekvalue,reppath)
   End If
   Set current list lvRepListRef
End For

End print job
Close print or export file

Calculate literations as 0
   Do FileOps.$doesfileexist(tvPDFPath) Returns #8
   Calculate #4 as sleep(100)
   Calculate literations as literations+1
Until #8=kTrue|literations=50

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