PDF Output Problem

Das Goravani goravanis at gmail.com
Sat Sep 5 20:57:54 EDT 2020

Hello All

I output a Print Job PDF report set. I close the Print Job at the end.. I issue the completion in other words.

Yet, the last page of one is put on the first page of the next set to be output.

It is most frustrating and strange.  

I make a complete file of my reports.. they are all there.. but the last page is missing.. it is put as the first page of the next set.

It creates a file for it too.. called output.. it creates this file which I did not create or name

My file exists and this other file is sitting besides it.

And it’s contents are transferred to the next. It is as if it keeps the print set open as a task.. and continues on the next.

But I issue the End Print Job command.. I also wait for the PDF to complete.. I have that repeat loop trick going on.. before I shut it down or access the file I make sure it’s done

What could be doing this strange behavior?


Das Goravani

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