Setting up SQLite

Doug Easterbrook doug at
Thu Sep 3 19:45:36 EDT 2020

hey mike.

is this an installation problem, or an access from omnis problem?

i.e. when isntallnig, it needs to go to a specific place

or when accessing, you want to access it in places like ~/Library/Preferences/MyappFolder

When I was trying to use SQLlite to store local app preferences, I didn’t have this sort of issue.   I subsequently abandoned any attempt to use SQLlite because it was far to slow …  and went back to a file with XML or Json in it.

I guess…. I’m saying I didn’t have pathing problems.

and you an use fileops to get full pathnames if you want.     the convertToHFS and ConvertToPOsix on mac’s seems to take care of soem relative path names if I recall

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> On September 3, 2020, at 4:23 PM, Mike Rowan <michael.rowan3 at> wrote:
> Another easy question.
> Am attempting to set up a small SQLite database to store startup data on
> each workstation.
> But SQLite seems to demand an absolute posix path which will be different
> for each machine/user.
> Can I include square-bracket stuff in the proposed path? Doesn't seem to
> work for me.
> Thanks, anyone.
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