Form tests fine but won't work right deployed

Das Goravani goravanis at
Thu Sep 3 16:20:02 EDT 2020

I have a form that tests correctly in development but won’t work correctly once deployed to the app server.

My brain is dead and won’t come up with anything I can try or do.

The app server runs like regular Omnis.. if it tests correctly why would it not work when deployed?

This is a simple lookup situation.. a button is clicked, some code runs, some data is found and brought onto the form

It’s been some weeks since I programmed on forms.. so maybe I forgot something basic. 

What things should I think about or look at?  Its dev environment verse deployed app server. 

The essence that it is getting wrong is a SELECT and FETCH.. it says it can’t find the data but it finds it in dev environment same database. 

It’s failing a query, a select, is failing, when deployed but not in dev.. what could do that?

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